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Room Lighting

You spend a lot of time choosing the perfect cake and centerpieces for your tables so why leave them in the dark. Properly positioned pin spots can light them up for your guests to enjoy the whole night.

Up lighting can enhance your venue’s appearance while allowing you to turn down the house lights, “It’s a proven fact that people prefer to dance with the house lights down”. Platinum Lighting can provide the perfect color to add atmosphere to your event. Whether you choose amber to give your walls a candle light feel or tie in the colors of your wedding we have the right color for you.

At Platinum Event Lighting we offer 1,000s of colors, but as a tip if you've used sage throughout your wedding, shy away from green lighting -- it might be too much, and green isn't always flattering. Opt for colors that complement all skin tones, like magenta or a soft rose. Amber provides an elegant touch of candle-like ambience to a room.